Geothermal Heating in Tacoma, WA

Geothermal Heating Tacoma, WA

Geothermal Heat Pump

Lowering your monthly utility bills has never been easier with Bosch’s Energy Star rated geothermal heat pumps. Geothermal Heat pumps use the relatively constant temperature of the earth to provide geothermal heating, air conditioning and hot water. This in turn makes system more efficient when heating and cooling both your home and water supply. Geothermal heat pumps additionally require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan. View our selection of geothermal heat pumps below or in our Tacoma showroom!


Geothermal Heating Tacoma

Up to 29.40 EER
Variable-speed air flow
Single- or two-stage compressor


Geothermal Heating Tacoma, WA

Up to 23.70 EER
Hot water generation
Two-stage heating & cooling


Geothermal HeatingUp to 18.50 EER
Five airflow selections
Single-stage heating & cooling


Tacoma, WAUp to 17.50 EER
High volume water heater
Radiant floor heating/cooling


Kliemann Bros. Heating & Air ConditioningUp to 22.50 EER
Two-stage compressor
High volume water heater


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